Conference Room at Projeto Suspiro!!!

Well, we arrived back in Brazil last week, and Projeto Suspiro is in full swing … We have rented a house for 3 months until we have constructed enough of the property to allow us to move there. Currently there are volunteers from Argentina, England and Brazil, and we have more coming from Portugal, Norway, Spain Costa Rica and South Africa in the next few months.

Rules regarding NGO’s in Brazil, require the construction to be completed before we can register officially. Hence our ability to access official grants etc is difficult until this occurs. Presently we are relying on the work of volunteers and private funds to complete the first stage of construction. Once this occurs we can generate extra funds through various art classes, portuguese classes and camps for tourists etc. If you feel you would like to support us in getting to this stage please follow this link …

or feel free to contact me by email for further details. And thank you for being so generous in not being offended in my request for support!

Many of you are also generously supporting our Cupcake Bake and Take Week taking place between the 28 March and 04 April. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Cheers to you!!


Projeto Suspiro is launched!

Projeto Suspiro has been launched! or em portugúes

This has been an idea that has been brewing, developing and coming together over the last 4 years through things I’ve seen, felt and learned … and now it is time to put my money legs time smile thoughts energy and and and where my mouth is. Please check us out and if you like what we stand for and what we do, support in whatever way you feel is good and possible for you.
Further information also on my facebook ie 

Buenos Aires

Bueno … A lack of posts means an abundance of happy activity. Have been in Buenos Aires since early December and well it’s a nice place. People rave about this place ie “the europe of South America” and other such comments. And this is true. It does have the architecture, the cobbled streets, the style and many things that are distinctive about several parts of Europe. But it’s a big bigggg city. I hadn’t realised how much I’ve slowly downsized the desirable size of liveable towns over the years, but I think I like tiny little backwater places a lot now!!! Dealing with metros buses fashionable people trains people people and more people does my head in a little! But it is a super interesting and fun place that seems to attract a wide range of super interesting types so we have enjoyed having a load of dinner parties and having friends that are political scientists, novelists, artists, adventure runners, djs, trapeze artists, book illustrators, short film makers … and i think most people could say the same! It reminds me of Berlin a bit actually … everyone’s working on a “project”! Which is fun! Just seems to be one of those places that attracts those types. We had a super Xmas Party here with people from over 20 different countries who all brought along something typical of their homeland … which was a dining feast! I’ve been filling my time with soaking up having a kitchen again … I now bake bagels and refuse to buy store or bakery bread these days (OK … I did yesterday, but that was just a short lazy moment), kicking my heels up with a running group that does a 8km easy jog as a warm up … yes it’s hurting me but am loving it all at the same time, trying to merge the portuguese into spanish, enjoying the endless green spaces, sampling aka drinking a lot of the amazing readily available super tasty argentinian reds, throwing lots of dinner parties and and and …

A big decision has been made in the last month however … and that is that we (ie Rafa, me and Bill … the new golden retriever puppy) are going to head back to Brazil and get started on the arts/social project I’ve had rolling in my head for a few years now … on the land that I bought there last year … in a cute little beach town called Itaipuaçu, just 30 kms north from the centre of Rio de Janeiro. Am super happy, peaceful, excited, tranquil and ready ready ready. Keep your eyes peeled for the website which will be up in the next fortnight, and more info on everything including ways that you can be involved. 2012 is the year for a Brazilian adventure for you!!! Rafa has also been offered to stay with the same business that he has been working with here in Buenos Aires and to head up in Brazil, which is also super news.

OK then … see below for pics (and check this link for a timelapse from our front terrace thanks to Miss Katelnd!! and loads more spicy exciting info on Projecto Suspiro (which translated from Portuguese means two things 1 to breathe a sigh of relief and 2 the name of these yummy little baby meringues that they have everywhere!!!) … which will be hitting you before Easter arrives!

buenos aires

so on the 08th of december i will arrive in buenos aires … for a plentiful bounty of art culture music spanish wine tango mountains parks and all such delightful things. as said, i am actually staying somewhere nice in supposedly the green parky wearhousy area of buenos aires … so this is a good time to come and visit if you felt a traveling holiday urge. please do! book in a xmas or new years visit perhaps. or anytime. hasta pronto xxx